What is Savings Plus?

Savings Plus is the omnichain permissionless savings product. What does it actually mean?

Basic information

What does the plus do in the name? Savings Plus is an omnichain permissionless product that allows you to earn interest on your crypto.

  • The base currency is USDC.
  • Any token can be deposited and will be automatically swapped to USDC.
  • Deposits and withdrawals can happen from and to any supported network.
  • The yield strategy can run on any supported network and is periodically updated to maintain high-interest rates.


In short, Savings Plus is a more sophisticated savings product that allows depositing from any supported network. When depositing from a specific network, Savings Plus will automatically swap into the USDC token, bridge the token to the active yield strategy network, and deposit assets into the yield strategy itself. The entire process is permissionless and non-custodial.

Yield strategy

Yield strategies in Savings Plus can be changed periodically to maintain the APY rates and limit the risk exposure. Changing the yield strategy will require the creation of a new contract on the destination network.

Savings Plus currently has two active strategies (and one is being tested):


Savings Plus is the new of its kind. It is created and built for easy access to the new multichain future that we live in today.

  • You can avoid high Ethereum fees and deposits from any other supported network of your choice.
  • A dynamic yielding strategy creates a more robust structure with higher potential interest rates.
  • When withdrawing your assets from Savings Plus, you can get them on any supported network. You won’t need to bridge/swap them yourself afterward.


The primary risks associated with using Savings Plus are:

  • Technical risk — you are using experimental software (smart contracts) built by many companies, including Mover. While this software has been extensively tested, it is still relatively new and could have bugs or security vulnerabilities. It means there is a risk of losing all your funds.
  • Non-custodial risk — Savings Plus is a non-custodial product. It means that no one except the wallet owner has access to the funds. It means there is a risk of losing all your funds.
  • Interest Rate risk — interest rates on various protocols are variable, meaning they can fluctuate even after you have deposited money or taken out a loan. It means that as a depositor, you may earn less than the interest rate you saw at the time you deposited. Mover is not responsible for these interest rate fluctuations, which are based on a preset formula managed by the teams that support according to protocols.