What is a Smart Treasury?

Smart Treasury is a tool that allows move holders to accumulate more move, and earn gasless on-chain transactions. Smart Treasury also distributes additional move tokens to those that time lock their move tokens.


Where the additional rewards come from?

There are three types of rewards that you can accumulate:

  • Additional move from the DAO (received for time-locking move)
  • Additional move from the protocol rewards (generated by rewards from Savings Plus)
  • Rewards that can be spent for free gasless transactions

How to start earning additional move?

A simple guide on how to deposit into the Smart Treasury is here.

Is my treasury share constant or does it change?

Your treasury share can change. It depends on the current treasury boost conditions (time-locked tokens). If other users deposit or remove move, LP tokens, or both your treasury share can change.

Are the rewards guaranteed?

No, they are not. Rewards depend on many factors, including how many deposits the system is handling, how much Mover can optimize, and market conditions.

How often are the rewards distributed?

The Smart Treasury works with savings, so the rewards accrue in real-time, and the system distributes them daily. All accrued treasury rewards are always accessible, just like your deposits, 24/7/365.

Can I withdraw my treasury rewards?

Yes, your preciously earned move rewards can be withdrawn once the vesting period ends. You can transfer, receive, use them as a collateral, or even gift to someone.

How can I use my gasless transactions?

By default, the treasury will use your earned rewards to cover any expenses you may have while using Mover. That includes any transaction you may want to do via Mover. For example, a token swap, a deposit in the Savings, a deposit in the Smart Treasury, etc.

What if I don’t have enough rewards to cover my transaction fees entirely?

There are certain limitations for now. One of which is that you need to be able to cover the transaction cost fully. In normal words, if the cost of the transaction is higher than the amount of available rewards you have on the balance — you won’t be able to use them. You will have to wait until you save enough rewards. This is a technical limitation of the Ethereum network. However, once the debit cards are launched, you will be able to use your rewards to partially cover your card costs.

How does Claim & Burn work?

Claim & Burn is a legacy feature for early users. Early users were able to accumulate special reward tokens that are now deprecated (our tech advances). This feature allows them exchange their bonus tokens leftovers for USDC. It is an irreversible one-time transaction. Once all early users exit early bonuses through this process, claim & burn will be deprecated.

Will I have to pay taxes on the treasury rewards I earned?

Our lawyers say that we do not provide tax advice. Please consult with a tax advisor regarding your reporting obligation.