What does Mover do?

Mover is a permissionless protocol exploring metaverse savings. It is a suite of products in NFT, web3, and DeFi space to create a new open savings experience. Mover has:

Savings Plus

Savings Plus is an Omni-chain permissionless savings product.


What is the base currency?

Savings Plus' base currency is USDC. It means that the experience of savings is very similar to web2.

What does Omni-chain mean?

Yielding strategies can be deployed on any supported network and selected to maximise APR. You can deposit & withdraw into savings from any supported chain automatically in one transaction.

What networks are supported?

Savings Plus supports Arbitrum, Avalanche, Fantom, BSC, Optimism, Polygon, Ethereum with more networks to come. Unified and native experience wherever you are.

Can I zap into S+ from another tokens?

Savings Plus has a built-in aggregated swap mesh. As long as the token has any liquidity on-chain, it can be automatically swapped into the base currency - USDC.

Where can I read more about it?

You can read more about Savings Plus here.

Smart Treasury

Smart Treasury is a tool to reward Mover users with free gasless transactions and native move tokens.


Is it a thing where I can earn more move?

Yes, but there is more to it

Where can I read more about it?

You can read more about Smart Treasury here.

Is this a cashback thing?

In short, no


If you hold move and deposit it in the Smart Treasury. You will accumulate move rewards from DAO, extra move that protocols earns and buys back from the Savings Plus rewards. And on top of that, you accumulate rewards for free on-chain transactions.

What are the gasless transaction you mentioned?

Unique technology that allows experiencing gasless transactions from any non-custodial wallet. Not the rebates, but real-time transactions: swaps, deposits, or withdrawals are available through Mover contracts.


Mover has a swap aggregator that allows you to swap any tokens on any supported network.


What’s that?

Mover has a custom aggregation swap mesh. When swapping between tokens it takes into account the liquidity, rates and slippage on more than 30 different DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges). More DEXs and more networks - mean that you can swap different tokens.

What kind of tokens can I swap?

It is a one place where you can swap any token that has liquidity on-chain.

Cross-chain swaps?

You heard it right. Yes, Mover supports cross-chain swaps. Swap on one network and receive tokens on another network.

Crypto Debit Card

Mover partners with the best providers across regions to offer a global crypto debit card.


What is a crypto debit card?

A Visa debit card that you can top up with your crypto.

Where is it available?

Through our current card issuer — Trastra, residents of 31 countries can order a crypto debit card for free.

What’s cool about it?

You can top up your Mover debit card from any non-custodial wallet with any liquid ERC20 token.

Where can I find more information about it?

It’s all here.

How can I order it?

It is very simple. Here is a guide on how to order your Beautiful Card.

What about the privacy?

Mover does not have access to personal information and does not custody user funds. Instead, Mover is using ZK-rollups to connect users to the debit card top-up.

I heard you have some flexible set up?

Indeed! We are currently working with two other card issuers to allow card orders in the US 🇺🇸 and several Latin American countries.

New upcoming products

Our next product will be the first metaverse savings card. We’ll share more info when we can.