What benefits does the DAO bring?

Plain simple: DAOs bring a shared upside benefits along with increased transparency. You can read more about our core values here.

Shared upside

Mover DAO is centered around the project. If you hold a Pylon NFT and pass the community governance voting, you can become a DAO member. These requirements can serve a number of functions related to governance, access, status, value capture, and so on. This last point — value capture — is vital because it allows people to earn a living by contributing to a DAO.

Historically, financial upside in projects has been concentrated among founders, early employees and investors. Mover DAO provides a fluid way of rewarding an array of stakeholders, including freelancers, service providers, and even customers that can benefit the project.


Mover DAO have a strong culture of transparency. To that end, Mover is a completely open source and open licensed project, rather than a corporation. Aside from just building in public, we communicate, onboard, transact, and govern in public. That contributes to meaningfully different interactions and behavior.


As outlined in this article, we tend to use Discord and Telegram for synchronous communication. Occasionally, there could be other public channels which anyone can join to learn more about the project. Moreover, anyone can check the discussion history that leads to a specific community governance vote. All of that creates transparency and trust (in a trustless environment).


Decision-making and money-movement is also transparent within Mover DAO. Community members can propose new initiatives and vote on key decisions. That turns governance into a social feature.