How to get involved in the DAO?

There are multiple ways to get involved in the DAO, as well as multiple ways to help.

Where do the DAO members talk?

DAO communication is open. Anyone can view the communication channel on Telegram or Discord.

How to join the DAO?

To join the DAO, you have to own the Pylon NFT, and you have to be approved by the community in the governance voting.

There can be many reasons why the community may vote for or against a candidate, so it is important to show the good spirit and track record of helping the project.

How to help the project?

We are always looking for new members! These are the two best ways to reach out and help.

  • If you are technical, check the Github and outstanding issues.
  • If you are non-technical, reach out to the support crew on the web app. Please describe exactly how you would like to help.