Design gig

What we need is to port web version to ios/android. Essentially, we have a very simple and straightforward design system and we need the same logic flow/screens/functionality to be ported to ios/android app. Here is the existing web version:

(have a sketch version if you prefer that more) We aren't looking for standard ios/android design guidelines, instead unified "react" version for both. Your biggest aid in references when it comes to screen transitioning and/or layouts is Cash App:

Why? Cash App is very clean and minimalistic. We target one CTA per screen, and making it as easy as possible.

Your task will be to:

- port existing web app to mobile app - keep unified (structure wise, obviously different transitions) android/ios - mockups/screens in Figma/Sketch for both platforms and both light/dark theme


- Typography styles - Colors styles - Icons - Guides, grids and spacings


- Figma components for IOS/Android (or Sketch, as you feel more comfortable with) - components on different states for IOS/Android